Saturn Bound

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A few of y’all have asked me, recently: “So, what is Saturn Bound?”, and I thought I’d explain.

For most of my youth, I wanted to be an astronaut.

There’s something about the idea of outer space that captures our collective imagination, more so than ever. Even now, as the government continues to cut funding on space exploration programs, there is a renewed cultural fascination with space: an incredible influx of art, music, design, and fashion inspired by the stars. How many fashion designers have featured Hubble image prints, android-inspired collections, holographic materials, lately? We’re looking towards the future.

Space is a metaphor for the places we could go, and the beauty of what we don’t yet know. It’s the thrill of discovery.

Saturn Bound is my project and ode to the creators working out there, at the boundaries of their medium, forging a path into the future.


About Autopilot

Since November, I’ve been throwing a party called Autopilot, which focuses on electronic music that I love, music that falls into that genre-less grey area, but leaves plenty of room to move. It’s been an incredible experience thus far; to watch friendships (and crushes) form on the dancefloor, people dancing long past last call as we pulled down the gate. I’ve watched DJs connect and learn skills from one another, artists who formed alliances for new collaborations.

It’s reminded me how essential nightlife is to creativity; it’s where we strip off the daily grime and finally get a chance to play. And it’s that space to play and let down barriers that allow us to create new neural pathways, new connections, new ideas.

I’ve always said that the dancing is a form of meditation. There’s a headspace like no other I’ve experienced, where you’re in the middle of the dancefloor, drenched in sweat, un-self-conscious and overwhelmed by sound. It’s a space where you can look at the person next to you and connect with them in your shared experience. Music is an equalizer (pun semi-intended).

Tonight, Autopilot is back again at Sullivan Room, and I’m completely nervous and excited, because we’re going hard. The lineup is really incredible, featuring artists from Brooklyn and Montreal.

We’ve got our very first international guests from Montreal, Sibian & Faun, who played the Red Bull Music Academy stage at MUTEK this year. Not to mention the Brooklyn-based co-founder and resident at the monthly Broke City party, Figgy. And two of our Autopilot favorites, Your Move and Blacky II.


Autopilot #007: Thursday March 7th

Sibian & Faun

(NUMBERS / Infinite Machine)


(Symbols / Broke City)

Blacky II


Your Move

(end fence)

Sullivan Room NYC – 218 Sullivan Street (NYC)
10pm – 4am
$5 cover all night ✦ 2-for-1 drinks from 10-11PM
Photos by VJ Doctor Mojo

Hope to see you there.
With love & lasers, 

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