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Sometimes, I doodle little comics about dumb things I think are funny. Or about things from my life. And here and there, I clean up the doodles and make ’em into graphics. I want to try and do this more often because people seem to dig ’em, and it’s good to stretch my narrative drawing muscles, right? Just fun, and y’all can see some of the other things that I do. I’ve been thinking for a year now, that I want to do a semi-autobiographical series of comics, but I’m still working up the nerve, because there are a lot of things I want to say. But hey, if I can out myself as a naked-lady drawin’ artist to much acclaim and little effect, I think I can push the limits a little further.

So, hey, watch this space.

Hope you have a good weekend. All of you, you’re awesome. Thank you to those who read this and tell me that you dig it, it really amazes and humbles me that these warblings impact and amuse y’all, in some small way.

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  1. elle grows
    May 31, 2013

    Hey, do you still do these?


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