Art for Joro Boro’s Remix of Cannibal

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Natti Vogel - Cannibal (Joro Boro Retropocalypse Cabaret Remix)

Continuing with the “Cannibal” project I’ve been working on, I was recently invited to design the art for the remix of Cannibal, which was devilishly crafted by NYC producer and DJ, Joro Boro. Former Bulgarian Bar resident and self-described “crunk charlatan”, Joro’s sounds deftly weave ‘global’ stylings with glitchy West-Coast bass.

This particular track is strange and haunting: it meanders around the traditional song structure, taking the back alley instead of a straightforward path. It’s confounding, insanely compelling, and has been stuck in my head since I started working on the art.

After a few iterations, passed back and forth between Natti and Joro, I came to the final version, using some of the photos I took earlier in the summer. It’s seductive, disorienting, and somewhat cheerfully creepy.

The inspiration:

“A future after the Event, staged retroactively by zombies on Broadway (now half-submerged and fully radioactive) as a cabaret show in which the leading star is devoured. When I heard Natti’s ‘Cannibal’ for the first time, reversed echoes of that show trickled back through time and tickled my eardrum’s dark humor. Those mutated tongue-in-cheek reverbs fed back on themselves and became amplified enough to push the tongue through the cheek – the cannibal-general, decorated with a feather boa and now armed with a megaphone, leading not a music show but now an army of starved zombie fans into a banquet hall to celebrate their return to a time before the Event, the beginning of the end or the end of the beginning. As the guests are ecstatically eating each other (read that as you like), the star’s body is served as the culmination of the feast for all to enjoy while the disembodied voice-megaphone trails its own crystalline frequency up above the Bacchanalia as a fading ornate chandelier-melody.”
— Joro Boro


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