You are fucking awesome.

Photo by Brooke Nipar for The Badoo Project

Hey, I’m Lenora!

I’m a Brooklyn-based and Saturn-bound illustrator, designer and creative dilettante. I do a little bit of everything.
My aim is to make life more beautiful, to dust the universe with a dose of hallucinogenic inspiration, to make creativity come easy, and to make sure we all get to play hard, in between. My dream is to help you realize your dream, too.

About the blog:

My visually delicious universe is inspired by mythology, the future, space exploration, psychedelic art, femininity, fashion, and storytelling

I love nothing more than a pair of fresh kicks, listening (dancing) to electronic music, the smell of spray paint, and the promise of a blank page.

Some of my not-so-secret powers include:

  • Illustration & Fine Art
  • Print/Web Design
  • Marketing & Branding
  • Event Production
  • Artist Management

Testimonials from other superheroes

“[Your work is] like a much sexier, more striking “Waking Life”- Natti Vogel

“… visually stimulating illustration style.”—VividBraille

“You’re like a grown-up Lisa Frank on acid.” —My roommate

“…Effervescently phosphorescent.”

“…incredibly intelligent and super legit thinker/artist/designer/19th-wonder-of-the-technological-universe”—Ruth Nineke

“Lenora Jayne: Celestial Warrior, Ambassador of the Stars & Color Whisperer”— Shelly Hart

“You’re really good at the internet.” — Erika Templeton

“…hatched from an alabaster egg fully formed.” — Your Move